I am loving our autumn — crisp, sunny days, with leaves just beginning to turn. It feels good to be outside, and I’m looking for any opportunity to be out and about. No big adventures today, just a bit of shopping and a few errands, including my annual pilgrimage to Moore’s Shoe Repair to have my winter boots reheeled. Knowing that I have kept my favourite boots going for 17 years by keeping them heeled and conditioned is very satisfying to my inner spendthrift. While we were there, I took advantage of being in Hadleigh to take a better look at one of the window displays across the road.

Teddy Driver

Is this cool or what? When I went in for a closer look, the shop owner said they had gotten it from Taiwan, and apparently it garners a lot of attention. It certainly catches my eye every time we drive past! (And the Teddy Bear driver fits so well with my current creative obsession….)