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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Labyrinth Spotting

Sometimes it’s nice to stay home on summer Sundays and let the world to come to us…. perhaps not surprisingly, even the labyrinth came to us as we indulged in a long afternoon and evening of television. Can you see the circular…

24 Jul 2016

Day is Done

While I was teaching last night, Jeff went to watch the day sink into night….

20 Jul 2016

Evening Glow

We have summer! Real summer! It’s rare that we get temperatures warm enough to qualify for that designation. It’s tempting to complain about being too hot, but it’s just so fun to run around barefoot and wear real summer clothes,…

18 Jul 2016


Bad things are happening in our world, and quite frankly it is writing my Morning Pages that is keeping me upright and semi-functional as I struggle to come to grips with it all. Today, I tried to explore the realms of…

08 Jul 2016

Garden Nuts

We’ve been watching these little fellas grow outside our kitchen window. It won’t be long before the squirrels find them and make off with their treasure, but for now we’re enjoying their weirdness, and the novelty of seeing them so…

06 Jul 2016

A Breath of Sunday

Sunday morning sunshine. Coffee. Friendship. Knitting. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the world feel right again, so I can take a breath.

03 Jul 2016

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