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Labyrinth Spotting

Castle of Park

Sometimes it’s nice to stay home on summer Sundays and let the world to come to us…. perhaps not surprisingly, even the labyrinth came to us as we indulged in a long afternoon and evening of television. Can you see the circular feature in the center of the drive? Sure enough – a lovely little classical labyrinth at Castle of Park in Cornhill, Banff in Scotland. The castle featured in today’s episode of Fake or Fortune on the BBC, one of our favourite shows.

Castle of Park2

This was the second labyrinth to grace our television screen this weekend. Watching the Hungarian Grand Prix earlier, we spotted Felipe Massa’s brother watching from the Williams garage:


24 Jul 2016

Day is Done


While I was teaching last night,
Jeff went to watch the day sink into night….

20 Jul 2016

Evening Glow


We have summer! Real summer! It’s rare that we get temperatures warm enough to qualify for that designation. It’s tempting to complain about being too hot, but it’s just so fun to run around barefoot and wear real summer clothes, that I don’t dare utter a single word of complaint about the heat. I didn’t feel up to joining Jeff on his nature hike this afternoon, but I couldn’t let the beauty of today pass unappreciated, so I headed out for an evening ramble around the neighbourhood, soaking up the summer smells of freshly mown grass and after-work barbecues.

Our own garden comes to life with evening primrose at this time of year. I’m afraid they tend to look a bit scraggly during the daytime, but just look at what greets us once the sun goes down! They almost seem to glow in the dusk, welcoming us back home.

18 Jul 2016



Bad things are happening in our world, and quite frankly it is writing my Morning Pages that is keeping me upright and semi-functional as I struggle to come to grips with it all. Today, I tried to explore the realms of fear and faith as they exist within me. I consider myself a kind, faith-based person, but I admit that my gentleness can too easily be displaced by an unpleasant stridency that rises out of some of my uglier fear-full qualities, like stubbornness and a competitive spirit. At this point, I feel like a mess of chicken-and-egg questions as I try to figure out what leads to what. Looking for relief, I asked myself about where I find God, about where faith still feels natural and easy. My answer? Nature.


I’m not a gardener, botanist, or biologist, but I take great comfort from people like David Attenborough and my own sweetie, Jeff, who tell stories of the cooperative and competitive duality of the natural world. Yes, mankind has messed with nature too much, but I don’t want to go there today, not when I need to nurture any seeds of hope I can gather.


For today, I will spend time with green things and buzzy critters in the quiet wildness of our garden, and I will marvel at their survival and gifting presence in the world. I will appreciate their willingness to take root, to flower and bring forth new life, again and again.


I will gratefully bring cuttings of fresh herbs into my kitchen to nurture both my soul and my body. For today, I’ll start where I am, with honesty and good intent. And tomorrow, too, I will continue to take one little step at a time towards whatever healing I can bring to the world.

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…

08 Jul 2016

Garden Nuts


We’ve been watching these little fellas grow outside our kitchen window. It won’t be long before the squirrels find them and make off with their treasure, but for now we’re enjoying their weirdness, and the novelty of seeing them so close to the house.

What are they? They’re cobnuts, a cultivated variety of hazelnuts that grow in the British countryside, particularly in Kent, which is across the river from us.


Cobnuts can be harvested in late summer and are available in local farm shops from late August until mid-October, and we tend to buy them as a treat whenever we see them. They are eaten fresh, rather than dried, and have a nutty-fruity flavor and a softly crunchy texture. Because of their requirement for male/female pollination, they’re not easy to produce on demand, but if the conditions are right, they might just have a happy season all on their own, like this little tree in our garden is having this year.

Our grey squirrels are going to be very happy critters when they find them…

06 Jul 2016

A Breath of Sunday


Sunday morning sunshine.

Sometimes it’s the little things
that make the world feel right again,
so I can take a breath.

03 Jul 2016

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