Destination Labyrinth

We have arrived on Gotland and have spotted our first labyrinth. My heart always thrills when I see these big ferries coming in to take us to faraway places. Our crossing was smooth and easy, with time for us to gather in the on-board conference room to talk about the labyrinths we’ll be visiting over the next several days. Once in Visby, it was a short drive around the perimeter of the medieval walled city and out to our hotel which is directly across from the splendid Trojeborg:

2 thoughts on “Destination Labyrinth

  1. Destination Gotland was the name of the ferry, right?
    There is a new hotel just in front of the Troy Town, great.
    That’s a good beginning and a good place to stay.

  2. I used to go to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco to walk the labyrinth and alawys found it powerful. When I lived on the Navajo Reservation I had a walk I would do every day, and I would pick up a stone, and bring it on my 2 mile walk, then throw it down the cliff, where I would listen to hit hit the canyon walls till there was silence and then return. It was my labyrinth. Now that I am here in Las Vegas, I was pleased to hear we have a labyrinth here, and today I will walk the path in peace and healing. I hope the labyrinth here has continued to help you on your continuous journey of life.

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