Labyrinth Search

We drove up to the north end of Gotland to see two of the old labyrinths, at Hallshuk and Othem, and to search for a newer one that we had only heard about. The lushness of the scenery and the soft peace of the Landscape were profound. The lilacs are in bloom all over the island, and the sun’s gentle warmth allowed their perfume to scent the air.

Our first stop was at Hallshuk, a labyrinth with 16 lines of stone that was built over a hundred years ago by the keeper of the nearby lighthouse keeper. The labyrinth is a bit overgrown, but thre paths are still navigable – perhaps by summer’s end it will have been walked enough to manicure the paths a bit.

From there, we drove on to Othem, a slightly younger 12-walled labyrinth probably built by a schoolteacher for and with his students circa 1900. It was quite overgrown possibly in danger of disappearing altogether before too many more years go by.

After lunch, we returned to the Othem area to search for a recently constructed little labyrinth that turned out to be a beautifully simple spiral, done in stone labyrinth style. Our team of explorers immediately set to work straightening the stones, leaving it in good shape for future visitors.

We returned to Visby in time for dinner and an evening walk of the famous Visby Trojeborg across from our hotel.

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  1. It seems to be the same at every tour: The group is repairing old labyrinths.

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