Sweden’s National Day

We spent our last day in Gotland (last Saturday, but I’ve fallen a bit behind) driving to the southern tip of the island to attend a special event at the Bottarve Farm Museum. In celebration of National Day of Sweden (on 6 June), staff and volunteers dress in traditional dress to serve homemade baked goods and boiled coffee that is made over an open fire. The museum was decked out in lilacs and other flowers from the garden, and guests were welcomed into what really felt like a family home.

There is a labyrinth out in the farmyard, but it was curiously overgrown, and not walkable at the moment, though I’m sure it will be tended as the season wears on.

The drive was long enough for us to visit some of the other labyrinths and historic sites along the way:


Gannarve, a prehistoric ship burial site.


Frojel Church and labyrinth


Wall fresco in the church at Hablingbo.

3 thoughts on “Sweden’s National Day

  1. Just beautiful… thank you so for sharing these beautiful musings and images from your walking in Gotland Kimberly!

    1. Each morning I open my computer looking forward to a “walk” with you! Especially in and about your Village…and then the extra places I get to visit with you. thank you, thank you!! Lots of love, Nydia

  2. OK, that’s something we had not in 2007: To celebrate Sweden’s National Day. Fine to see all the other labyrinths again. We can follow easier via your blog and via Facebook with Lars’ activities.

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