Colourful Visby

Visby is one of the more colourful and charming places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. But of course it would be colourful – it is, after all, Pippi Longstocking‘s home town. We spent much of the day yesterday exploring its historic nooks and crannies – walking miles as we meandered through its picturesque streets. My personal highlight was watching from above as Lars Howlett scuffed a lovely labyrinth into the gravel floor of the St. Lars Church. A perfect ending to a long day!

This, I am reliably informed, is the most handsome postman on Gotland…. He told me so himself!


5 thoughts on “Colourful Visby

  1. Love the muted tones in the Lars @ St Lars photo…

  2. What’s about Villa Kunterbunt of Pippi Langstrumpf? Or with the original Swedish name: Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump

  3. Pippi Longstockings! One of my favorite books as a child. I look forward to following this labyrinth adventure.

  4. I am so loving your photos and commentary Kimberly! What is the wooden piece with the labyrinth and sacred geometry symbols? It almost looks like a wood planer? Regardless, it is so unusual, personal, and beautiful!

    1. I wish I had time to write more about each photo…. Each has its own story. The wooden piece is a mengelbräda, which is like a cold iron, something that would have been given to a bride setting up her first home, possibly an engagement gift from her fiancé. This one is carved with a labyrinth and was shown to us by the museum archivist in Visby. It would have been used to press out her linens and such.

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