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Monthly Archives: February 2016


February 29 Something significant hovers just ahead. Today the girl can ask the boy, the woman the man, with marriage the prize. I have no need to ask that question; I am partnered already and am beyond the age of looking….

29 Feb 2016

On the Town

Today wasn’t the brightest of days in old London Town, but the skyline never fails to delight. No matter how long I live in this green and pleasant land, I will never get past the thrill of getting off the train,…

26 Feb 2016

Canterbury After Dark

Like most of us, I grew up associating Canterbury with pilgrims, and as my experience of pilgrimage expanded and deepened over the years, so did my appreciation for this wonderful old city with its magnificent cathedral. We didn’t go inside…

25 Feb 2016

Pilgrims Walk

We love Canterbury; it’s an old city that never disappoints, no matter what the purpose for our visit. Our primary reason for this trip was to stay with a colleague who is also dear friend. We are all busy people, so…

24 Feb 2016

Winter Mothering

February is a month of many birthdays in our family, so my mind is naturally drawn to the winter mothering that has taken place down through our generations. I always greet the neighbourhood horses as I pass by on my walks,…

16 Feb 2016

Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb 2016

Walking Again

I have to admit that it’s been nice to surrender to the cold and just stay indoors the past few weeks. But today the sun was out, and I could hear my walking shoes calling to me. With the steadily…

10 Feb 2016


My January disappeared into a soft blur of homey activities. In a barely visible sort of way, I got a lot of things done here at home to set me up for tackling some of my bigger 2016 goals. January…

01 Feb 2016

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