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February 29

Something significant hovers just ahead.
Today the girl can ask the boy, the woman the man,
with marriage the prize.
I have no need to ask that question;
I am partnered already
and am beyond the age of looking.
But, like the dewy eyed girl,
I long to ask the questions
not usually permitted.
Will you? Can we? Dare I?
Dare I strip my soul naked
by professing my desire?
Can I offer my heart, soul, and flesh
to a flow I cannot control?

I tell myself to consider well:
What do you court?
What wants inviting?
Or, in other parlance –
What do you most want to do
before you die?
What matters?
Make your choice –

And leap!

29 Feb 2016

On the Town

Today wasn’t the brightest of days in old London Town, but the skyline never fails to delight. No matter how long I live in this green and pleasant land, I will never get past the thrill of getting off the train, turning the corner, and seeing the Tower of London up ahead. You know you’re in London when you see this in front of you:


And this famous weathervane high atop Trinity House behind you:


We were celebrating a birthday with a yarn crawl, visiting the best  yarn shops our capitol has to offer. En route we caught glimpses of famous landmarks like the London Eye:


And modern labyrinths decorating the walls of the tube stations (like this one in Waterloo station):


Following our quest, we braved the escalator at Angel tune station which used to be the longest in the world (it is now the fourth longest in western Europe):


Did we find our yarn? This smile says it all:


Happy birthday to the other American in the village!

26 Feb 2016

Canterbury After Dark


Like most of us, I grew up associating Canterbury with pilgrims, and as my experience of pilgrimage expanded and deepened over the years, so did my appreciation for this wonderful old city with its magnificent cathedral.


We didn’t go inside the cathedral this week, but after a lovely dinner down near the river on Monday evening, we took advantage of the opportunity to stroll through the deserted cathedral grounds. The golden cathedral seemed to hover above both the city and the moonlit gardens.


I hugged this immense and ageless tree, wondering just what it has seen in its privileged lifetime. Pilgrims have come and gone over the years, their feet marking the cadence of the human heart along with the passage of time.

25 Feb 2016

Pilgrims Walk

We love Canterbury; it’s an old city that never disappoints, no matter what the purpose for our visit. Our primary reason for this trip was to stay with a colleague who is also dear friend. We are all busy people, so most of our visits are built on business meetings with our friendship growing up in between the items on our respective agendas. This visit, however, worked in reverse. We were invited to come just for the fun of it, and while we were there we indulged in a bit of labyrinth walking and community building simply because that is what we all love doing.


After a lovely lunch, we headed out along a portion of the old Pilgrimage Way heading towards Canterbury Christ Church University where we met up with Sonia Overall, a writer and walker who was instrumental in getting a labyrinth mown into the grass in one of the university gardens. The 7-circuit labyrinth is quite stunning, and I’m sure it will become well-loved and oft-walked over the course of the spring and summer.

Christchurch Labyrinth

As I walked the sweeping paths, I felt myself deepen. I love the feeling of losing track on my place on the path, surrendering to the rhythm of simply placing one foot after the other. It is in that place of non-vigilance that I often hear my own voice welling up from within. It is there that I am most able to touch my writerly soul. Poetry arranges itself in my head, essays find new direction, words dance with fresh partners.


After coffee, we wandered through the University bookstore where I quickly located a shelf of Sonia’s books, including this one which insisted on coming home with me. I feel inspired. Energized. Companioned.


And from there we headed through old neighbourhoods where wit and history combined to tell an ageless story, and in my next post I will share our evening walk down into the old walled city with its spectacular cathedral that has drawn pilgrims to its heart for centuries.



24 Feb 2016

Winter Mothering


February is a month of many birthdays in our family, so my mind is naturally drawn to the winter mothering that has taken place down through our generations. I always greet the neighbourhood horses as I pass by on my walks, but today I slowed more than usual to appreciate the tender mothering that was taking place out in the field.

16 Feb 2016

Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb 2016

Walking Again


I have to admit that it’s been nice to surrender to the cold and just stay indoors the past few weeks. But today the sun was out, and I could hear my walking shoes calling to me. With the steadily lengthening days my thoughts are starting to turn to spring adventures and journeys, and as those plans start falling into place, I feel more like walking myself back into shape. On this morning’s walk, I was greeted by little signs of spring poking up in neighbouring gardens.


10 Feb 2016



My January disappeared into a soft blur of homey activities. In a barely visible sort of way, I got a lot of things done here at home to set me up for tackling some of my bigger 2016 goals. January is often like that for me, a time of natural inwardness. I didn’t much want to go out walking in the world; my whole body felt lethargic and slow-moving, and I was happy to give in to the inclination to stay home and putter around my nest, sorting and clearing, cooking and cleaning. Now, with February’s arrival, I feel my energy stirring and my creative juices beginning to flow.

Although we had one cold week, we’ve not had snow, nor have we suffered from the storms that have battered other parts of Britain. Our gardens aren’t sure what to think about the weather… and I had the distinct feeling that these daffodils were giggling as I walked past them this morning.

Daffodowndilly has come to town,
in a yellow petticoat and a green gown.
~  Traditional Rhyme

01 Feb 2016

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